Honey Jars

In our family health is happiness.


For generations, we’ve worked with natural ingredients and foods to promote wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Our honey is no exception.


Ginseed Honey is completely natural with an amazing range of benefits and beautiful flavours. With a holistic background,

our family prides itself on our desire to experiment with natural products, essential oils and resins to share these highly

effective medicinal honey blends.


The knowledge behind our honey is ancient. Our products are the result of our never-ending contemplation, literature reviews, fabulous experiments and passion. Tracing back through time, the benefits of many of our ingredients are well noted in ancient texts and teachings. Our desire is to use this knowledge to create beautiful honeys without unnecessary chemicals or synthetic medicines. The ingredients we use are 100% natural and pure.


Through our honey blends, we deal with many common and basic metabolic disturbances which influence our bodily functions. These include inflammation, circulatory disturbances, heart and brain function. In addition to these, one very important field of interest is the use of these blends as an aphrodisiac. So really, you can say we’re actually in the business of love!

By creating recipes of rare ingredients and more commonly found elements, Ginseed Honeys also have anti-inflammatory and

anti-oxidising properties. Stocked in health food stores around the country (and now beyond too), we are working our way to delivering better health, spirit and love through natural flavours.


Delicious and healthy - Ginseed Honey is a beautiful element to include in your daily food rituals.

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