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Who knew something so good for you could taste so delicious?
This Ginseed Honey – “THE ORIGINAL” is one of those rare finds.
Combining Raw Honey, Ginger, Korean Red Ginseng, Blackseed,
Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios & Pine nuts in a unique way,
this honey is a beautiful way to start each day.

Each jar is packed full of medicinal/health and fun benefits:
● Natural aphrodisiac (seriously!)
● High in Antioxidants
● Brain memory and heart functions support
● High in antibacterial agents
● Circulation & good blood flow support

We know you’re wondering about the Aphrodisiac properties right? Well, honey has been known
throughout history to increase circulation of the blood. We won’t go into too much detail – but
you get the picture.

Recommended 1 teaspoon daily for optimal benefits.
We suggest you take it on its own, in some hot water, in your tea, porridge,
on toast … or anywhere you need just a bit of sweetness and a lot of wellness.

Ingredients: Natural Raw Australian Honey , Fresh Ginger , Red Korean Ginseng , Black Seeds(Nigella sativa) , Walnuts , Pistachios , Almonds & Pine Nuts.

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