• ginseed honey

Ginseed Honey Nut Bars


(a bit less if made thicker)


Half a Jar of any Ginseed Honey you like.

One bag of Organic Rolled Oats (900gm)

One bag of Slivered Almonds (345gm)

4 Tbs of Raw Honey


Place the rolled oats and Ginseed Honey into a food processor, process so it sticks together (but keeping it the consistency that you would like it to be).

Put the mixture into a bowl, add the Slivered Almond and 4 Tbs of Raw Honey and mix them together.

Then line a baking tray with the mixture. Pre heat the oven to 175 degrees and place tray in for 10mins (some ovens can take up to 15mins), keep checking till it’s a light golden brown. Don’t cook for too long otherwise they will become a lot harder and you will lose the softer crunchy chew they have.

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